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Safety problems of high frequency heating equipment
From: Dongguan run automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-26

Below some high-frequency heating equipment common safety problems to do a summary, and I hope to help you, not to hope for advice!
Question 1: high frequency equipment is the use of high-frequency electric field, there is a certain radiation, whether there is harm to the human body?
Answer: yes! But the national standard of high frequency radiation intensity requirements, formal and responsible manufacturer will spare no effort to improve the radiation is reduced to below the standard, basically is with the usual mobile phone radiation, in addition to the strength, there is a safe distance, no radiation pressure did not open the high pressure on natural, when operating personnel no need to be close to the equipment to receive radiation, one meter outside the field strength will be significantly reduced, such as manufacturers pay more attention to safety, do good shielding, and requires the user to strictly ensure the equipment grounding, long-term use will not affect health.
In addition, whether in addition to radiation shielding and safety protection device, but also the need for the operator to deeply understand the equipment manufacturers in the installation and training process should do on how to safely use high frequency equipment. As we all know, the conservation of energy, power and high frequency generator output device itself to the outside load absorption loss + + radiation equal to, so we use the process to consider whether the energy and heating load matching, if the power is too high, or high status does not match the energy load cannot be absorbed, then the first radiation equipment is also increasing. Burn out the high frequency components, good shielding grounding or if the device is still good, if not, it will cause the personnel health risks.
Conclusion: the high frequency of professional experience in dozens of years or ten years not Langdexuming, a layman in principle is not clear, how to do safety equipment? The most important thing is that radiation is invisible.
Question 2: how do you simply know the presence of high frequency radiation?
Answer: first of all, this task will exercise conducted by professional operators, because not clear whether for our products, so we do not have to bear the responsibility.
A simple method is to use a hand end of the incandescent lamp, the end head of gold with insulating tape or other insulating material wrapped with better effect, even after the package also try to avoid the metal part, the other end close to the need to check the parts, such as light, indicating high frequency radiation, and have a certain intensity, this situation the basic plate appeared in close position, if the body or other grounding part on the design, there are serious problems, equipment radiation hazards, please contact the manufacturer to solve the import!
Question 3: how to avoid radiation?
Answer: the best way is to shield and ground, is also considering the equipment itself, good quality equipment, safety equipment will be very easy to match and tuning, and some equipment is basically does not exist this function, even if there are also useless. Quality of the equipment is no better than heating faster than safety and stability.
A better way is to shield the metal screen, the screen can be lower than that of 0.5cm mesh 6.78MHz (electric field shield carefully in observers microwave oven door, especially with translucent glass doors, glass can be found inside the buried metal wire, this design is the electric field shield, the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelength, so the need for smaller meshes), we suggest that in high frequency generator or load around by this method of shielding, grounding wire, grounding the copper, due to the skin effect of high-frequency, not the use of copper, copper should be not less than 100mm wide grounding connection.
In addition to a good match, but also need regular replacement or grinding equipment output or ground connection, screws are loose, copper or brass are oxidized, this situation will affect greatly on the long-term use of high frequency absorption load, heating equipment appears more and more slowly when they first consider this situation.

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