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High frequency applications in various fields, high frequency applications
From: Dongguan run automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-26

High frequency is also called high-frequency machine, the principle is to use high-frequency emission frequency of greater than 100Khz electromagnetic wave, instant heating or polarization occurs between materials, to achieve the purpose of plastic welding.
High frequency is divided into two kinds, one is using high frequency induction heating metal, the metal is generally used in rapid heating, heating the metal rivets, were used for quenching, annealing, diathermy, ideal welding equipment.
Its welding field: diamond saw blade, turning tool, saw head welding. Glasses fittings and other heating and welding places can heat all kinds of metal components and metal composite components. Change the induction ring according to the shape of the workpiece.
Another is a plastic material, including PVC welding, are used in the packaging industry, the application scope is extremely broad, large or irregular pieces of plastic welding, suitable for welding plastic and plastic molding, such as double-sided blister packaging, blister card packing, soft molding operation. All kinds of PVC (PVC) based plastic welding, welding, bronzing and so on. Plastic packaging (including double blister sealing edge, blister and cardboard heat trimming, etc.), automobile interiors, cushion, trademarks, stickers, stationery, plastic cover, inflatable toys, footwear, umbrellas, raincoats, purses, Yu Fan, famous brand, waterbed, sun visor, car door, heat processing packing bags, hand bags and other soft, pressing various embossing patterns on the switch, the text of the letter. Fitted with a simple device, bronzing process can also be carried out.
Due to the continuous development of packaging industry, in order to meet the needs of different packaging, high frequency machines have developed into different operation methods and models.
It is a single type, push type, rotary, semi automatic continuous, more plastic molding, welding, cutting, packaging, sealing and automatic blister packing machine as a whole. Greatly improve the packaging efficiency.

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