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Principle and application scope of high frequency welding machine
From: Dongguan run automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-26

I. principle of high frequency plastic heat sealing machine:
High frequency heating can be divided into high frequency induction heating, high frequency medium heating, high frequency plasma heating and microwave heating according to different frequency range. Its working principle is: there is a high AC DC current, resistance of wood, rubber, synthetic resin and other materials, the thickness in 0.082MM, and external pressure in high frequency electromagnetic field, rapid destruction of the molecular structure, the molecular motion and development of instant heat welding. Its heating rate is proportional to the high-frequency frequency.
Two, high-frequency heat sealing machine use range, according to industry, mainly in the following categories:
1) automotive interior products: car sun visor, car doors, steering wheel cover, anti lattice heat, heat reflective stickers, reflective film, sealing pad welding, embossed mats, car seat cushion, car cushion, seat back, car roof, car interior plate, auto indentation, logo stickers and other sound-absorbing cotton
2) shoes clothing label categories: upper embossing, heat soles, insoles insoles embossing, welding, embossed hats, clothing embossing, heat raincoat, umbrella, poncho heat welding, clothing label, tag heat, heat mark, badges, leather standard heat embossing flocking fabric, etc.
3) sealing plastic packaging: plastic, plastic thermal fuse, heat sealing bags, plastic welding, PVC packing bag, hot water bag, plastic packaging appliances, tools packaging sealing, PVC folding box, blister sealing, sealing the battery packaging, blister sealing of electronic products, toothbrush packaging, PVC welding, plastic embossing etc.
4) jewelry toys stationery: welding, crafts jewelry heat, gift packaging, toys, toys, toys, packaging sealing welding, heat sealing, basketball toys embossed stationery embossed stationery blister packaging, sporting goods packaging, name card inside heat, heat, heat album phase thin, glasses box heat, heat sealing, mouse CD bag sealing pad, embossing and other welding mirror box
5) leather leather bag: leather embossed leather, leather welding, welding, heat leather goods, leather bags, fuse, embossed embossed towels, embossed leather, leather, leather, leather embossing pressure pressing, leather embossing, leather pressure diagram
6) doormat Mat Carpet: PVC mat embossing, welding mat, embossed plastic mat, carpet mats, embossing, welding, embossed mats, cushion embossing, S type electric welding mats, embossed mats, motorcycle seat cushion, cushion pad welding, welding etc.
7) medical supplies: disposable transfusion bag, bag, urethral catheterization bag, external drainage bag, emergency rescue stretcher, PVC oxygen mask, PVC oxygen bag, medical clinical identification with, bedsore prevention mattress, medical ice pad, anti bedsore cushion, transfusion bag, infusion bags, medical washing bag and medical sphygmomanometer bag energy, medical pad etc.
Other categories: 8) welding heat sealing welding, heat sealing canvas tents, advertising cloth, screen heat welding, heat sealing, EPE film structure welding, welding, soft film smallpox industrial belt skirt welding, flange welding, welding strip baffle, door armrest, sitting (seat) mat, sitting (seat) chair armrest PVC volume, synthetic leather chairs, even doors, life jackets, drifting boat, drifting boat, floating row, curtain, bath curtain, inflatable pool, swimming pool, health mattress, jade mattress, inflatable mattress, inflatable sofa, wire harness, water bag etc..

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