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Precautions and maintenance of high frequency automatic medical bag forming machine
From: Dongguan run automation equipment Co., Ltd. Post date: 2017-07-26

I. matters needing attention
1, the equipment uses three-phase four wire, three-phase 380V, and ensure good grounding.
2, click the touch screen, not excessive force, resulting in touch screen damage.
3, click on the touch screen, fingers should be dry, do not touch with wet fingers.
4, the nose down, welding, never touch the upper plate with hand, otherwise it will cause high frequency burns and shocks.
5 、 when debugging and installing dies, the high cycle switch should be closed.
6 、 the machine can only restrict single operation when debugging, otherwise it is very dangerous.
7, misoperation, the machine is not normal, please quickly slapped "emergency stop switch", to confirm the man-machine safety.
8, do not put your hand into the cutter, it is very dangerous.
9. Take out the electronic tube, install it in the oscillating barrel, and check the installation is correct.
10 、 during operation, please pay attention to whether the screen flow is normal or not.
11. During operation, if there is persistent overcurrent or continuous spark, please check the cause before use, so as to avoid damage enlargement.
12, non professional maintenance personnel, please do not arbitrarily open the machine cover, so as to avoid accidents.
13, the equipment must be preheated 5-10 minutes before the operation, so that the vacuum tube is indeed preheated, and then run to ensure that the life of the vacuum tube.
14, adjust the high cycle power hour, please start from regulation, so as to avoid excessive current and burn mold.
Two 、 maintenance and maintenance
1, every two to three months in the bearing, guide rod, ball screw, cutter, servo screw, cutting tool, slide rail, such as lubricating oil, keep machinery smooth.
2, long time unused, every other period of time, the engine once.
3, clean the table, plate and machine, dust and debris in the high barrel, clean with air guns.
4. Clean the servo roller regularly and clean the surface
5, compressed air and water will accumulate in the filter bottle, every time before using the machine, please remove the water in the bottle, oil mist, if need to add lubricating oil, adding a transparent bottle advice No. 1 ISOVG32 standard for oil, but can not exceed the indication line.
6, on the mold if there is because of jumping fire and burned, if there is a gap, available solder repair, the lower mold insulation material, if breakdown damage, must change with.
7, after processing a certain number of products, if the mold has dust or carbide, apply the washing water (such as: day water) scrub.
8, line between grounding copper ring and press the table must be kept clean, and no foreign body, otherwise it will damage the grounding copper ring, if damaged, please replace.

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