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Dongguan Yongjia machinery / equipment run Xin Co. Ltd., founded in 2003, is a large-scale professional high frequency equipment manufacturing enterprises, enterprises in manufacturing, sales and service in one with strong technical strength, advanced production equipment, high-quality staff and perfect service system, adopt scientific management system, strictly follow the production and testing standards, the product quality and service quality has been widely recognized by the industry;
Yongjia / runshine enterprises through production practice and technology development for many years, the first in the industry to form a production system of high Zhou Bo equipment is complete; the main products: Automatic High Frequency Blister packaging production line, digital products, automotive parts and hot pressing equipment, welding equipment, welding machine, industrial canvas membrane structure belt skirt welding machine, baffle automatic medical bag high-frequency welding machine and all kinds of special type of high Zhou Bo welder; automatic ultrasonic welding equipment, automatic cylinder production line, soft plastic box machine and so on hundreds of products. At the same time, can also be customized non-standard equipment, fully meet the different customer demand for personalized products, has a strong team of foreign trade business, products are exported to Germany, the United States, Russia, Brazil, Southeast Asia and China regions.
Yongjia / Run Xin company will be superb technology complete, high quality service, allows customers to understand and comprehend Yongjia company superior brand culture and service! Welcome friends from all walks of life to guide and inspect our factory!

  • Tel:086-0769-81861639
  • Fax:086-0769-86171959
  • Mobile:13926897289
  • E-mail:dgyjjx@dgyjjx.com
  • Address:The Donghua Industrial Park Building 1,Chashan town,Dongguan,Guangdong,China


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