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Full automatic hot welding machine

Device parameter





Countertop mm


Travel mm


Motor power



Working principle
The surface is mainly thermal melting temperature of PU leather or other leather of the melt, by PU, PVC, TPU processing, EVA, PET and other materials must be matched with a special mold, a pressure plus the leather, plastic welding products to weld in plastic or metal surface adhesion effect.

Equipment features
1 、 adopt PLC programming, touch screen control, intelligent operation, servo motor control, automatic feeding system, precise positioning.
2 、 adopt gas-liquid drive device, press and cut at the same time, the head pressure can be adjusted freely according to the material requirement of the product, the machine performance is mature, the production efficiency is stable.

Scope of application
Apply to: sponge cushion, helmet, sponge inner lining, jewelry box, lined with sponge pad, hot forming.

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